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January 10, 2013 by kamify

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If  losing weight were easy, no one would be overweight. Unfortunately, the facts are indisputable.Struggling hard to lose weight and still one adds could be  really traumatizing.I have struggled with losing weight over the years but little did I know I was doing things that contributes to my fat. On the other hand, being a healthy weight feels better than being overweight. And a healthy weight is a lot easier to carry out when the right choices become second nature. In other words, weight-loss goals are more achievable when healthy choices turn into healthy habits.

Writing down everything that goes in your mouth could be another way to cut out  some unhealthy food you eat in a day that means creating a journal that you can note down everything you eat.


Preparation also means knowing your cravings and having healthy alternatives on hand to curb them, says Molly Kimball, a nutrition writer and registered dietitian in New Orleans. If sweets are your weakness, such as, to keep fresh fruits or single-serve, sugar-free pudding cups on hand to satisfy your sweet tooth without taking a huge caloric hit.

HABIT 2: Not Drinking Enough Water

Drinking the right amount of water promotes overall health, from skin, bones and joints to the digestive system, memory and brain function. But Kimball says proper hydration can also help when you’re concerned about weight.

“Fatigue is one of the first signs of mild dehydration,” Kimball said. “A lot of people misinterpret that sluggish feeling as hunger, and they eat to boost energy.”

The impact of hydration on weight loss, however, goes beyond the prevention of misinterpreted body messages. A study published in the November 2008 issue of “Obesity” showed a definite association between increased water intake and increased weight loss. In another study, its results presented at a meeting of the American Chemical Society, researchers from Virginia Tech confirmed that dieters who drink two 8-oz. glasses of water before their three daily meals lose about 5 lbs. more than dieters who do not drink pre-meal water.

So how much water is the right amount?.  A good guideline is to divide your weight in half and drink that number of ounces per day. So a 180-lb. person would shoot for 90 oz.

HABIT 3: Not Getting Enough Protein

People who get too much of their daily caloric intake from carbs are going to have a hard time losing weight. Kimball recommends including a source of protein with every meal. The body uses twice as much energy processing protein as it does carbohydrates and fat, meaning when you eat protein, your body actually burns more calories digesting it.

Low-fat meats such as skinless chicken, pork tenderloin, lean cuts of beef and ground turkey and seafood are excellent sources of protein. Kimball says you can also sneak protein into your meals in the form of eggs, cheese, peanut butter, nuts, Greek yogurt, or low-sugar protein bars and powders.

HABIT 4: Consuming Too Many Liquid Calories

Calories that enter your body in liquid form are inefficient calories. They count against your daily total, but they don’t make you feel full. Kimball advises against drinking your calories.

“No fruit juice, soft drinks or sports drinks,” Kimball said.

Instead, drink water, tea or coffee without sugar. If you must have sweetened drinks, Kimball has no problem with sugar-free soft drinks or low-calorie powdered flavored beverages.

Liquid calories often come in the form of alcoholic beverages, and those should be limited, too. If you can’t do without, Kimball recommends sticking with wine, light beer, or liquor with a non caloric mixer like water, club soda or diet soda. Women should limit alcohol consumption to one drink per day, and men should stop at two

HABIT 5: Not Getting Enough Sleep

You don’t even need to be conscious to work on losing weight. Getting the right amount of sleep seems to be a major reason in achieving and maintaining a healthy weight.

A study released in 2006 by researchers at Case Western Reserve University tracked the weight and sleeping habits of 68,000 women over 16 years. The women who reported sleeping five hours or less nightly weighed an average of 5.5 lbs. more than the women who slept seven hours or more at the start of the study.

The reason is hormones, specifically leptin and ghrelin. Separate studies conducted by the University of Chicago and Stanford University suggested that sleep deprivation causes a reduction in leptin levels, while also causing ghrelin levels to rise. High ghrelin stimulates the appetite, while low leptin makes you feel unsatisfied after eating, leaving you hungrier during your waking hours and, likely, heavier.

HABIT 6: Skipping Breakfast

It can be hard to make time for breakfast during the rush to get out the door in the morning, but if you’re interested in losing weight or keeping it off, you should make the effort to fit it in. Breakfast kick-starts your metabolism, forcing it to begin burning calories.

But many people simply don’t have an appetite first thing in the morning. Kimball says that’s fine — just make sure you eat something within the first two hours of waking.

She says the perfect breakfast combines complex carbohydrates with protein and a bit of healthy fat. Try two scrambled eggs with a slice of whole-grain toast, a cup of Greek yogurt with a handful of berries and chopped nuts stirred in, or a bowl of oatmeal topped with berries and a splash of skim milk with two slices of center-cut bacon on the side. If you’re usually in a rush in the morning, stock up on low-sugar protein bars and have breakfast during your morning commute.

Healthy Habits for a Healthy Life

If you see yourself in any of these  habits that make you fat, the best time to start changing them is now. For every bad habit, there’s a good habit. And the only way to turn healthy choices into healthy habits is repetition. So start shedding your unhealthy habits, and you’ll be shedding pounds soon enough.

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