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Relationship  is a beautiful union of two human beings for the same cause,Relationships  is meant to be enjoyed not abused can’t be juicy all the way but if there are more  moment when a relationship infuses into a sad feeling always, then the relationship is not beneficial for you. Thirst for happiness is said to be the driving force behind every action in human life; so is relationships. When the relationship offers you depression, and not happiness and peaceful life, then going ahead with the relationship is not meaningful; leave it aside as soon as possible especially  when you know deep down that it’s not working anymore.Most times the fear of becoming single again keeps you indebted into  a failed relationship.

If you find yourself in such situation  then you can always find reasons to leave a relationship, if you look hard enough.Breaking up is much easier said than practiced. But the sooner you push forward, the sooner the emotional discomfort will end.I remembered growing up and having a relationship that was surrounded with fear,rejection but I never wanted to let go. I was so afraid of staying single even when I knew the relationship  wasn’t  working out well,but I came to a time when I had to let go because of fear of losing the right person  I haven’t  had.It was hard but my broken heart will heal in a matter of time….TIME,oh yes heal all wound.



Sad_man : Angry woman looking at man,  problems in bed

This is the basic foundation that hold every relationship.Trust is very delicate and  its a string that binds both partners in a relationship together. As soon as you realize broken trust consistently in a relationship, without hesitation, leave the relationship. Mutual trust is essential in every relationship and both partners need to adhere to the commitment.


Sad_man : Conflict on the date

Every relationship starts with love ,affection,sweet romance.People get into relationships to enjoy the romantic presence of their partner and carry out the human tendency of loving and being loved,but when the affection turns up only on one side then it’s heading to a rock.Lack of romance means lack of interest and a relationship without love and affection is DEAD!


when your partner keep making excuses every time you want to spend time with him/her then something certainly is going wrong.Although sometimes couples juggle many responsibilities and strain to see each other on a regular basis – that’s fairly normal. However, a big red flag should pop up when you find that you just aren’t mustering the effort to make it work. If you’d rather stay home and watch movies alone than go out on a romantic date or even just a casual get-together with your boyfriend or girlfriend, something is not right.


Some couples stick on each other because of pity,you realize that you’re no longer in love, but how can you leave? He just wouldn’t be able to get by without you.That’s totally understandable, but you’ve  to give yourself more value. Are you really helping your partner by staying with him or her at this point?Don’t waste what little time you have. Give yourself a chance at something real.


You’re on a quest for self-improvement, or at least a better life, and he is content to sit in that armchair playing the latest games or gambling around not thinking of a way to improve on life or not having a vision to pursue towards. You’re growing as a human being, thinking about getting a better job or moving to a new place or having children, and she’s thinking about doing the same old thing she has done almost every day for the past five years. Don’t sit around waiting for your partner to change. Unless you settle for less than what you truly want in your life.


Relationships are not all the time juicy but when it becomes a habit a need to adjust it or kiss it goodbye. If you find yourself getting into arguments over nothing and everything, there’s trouble brewing. Constant fighting is a sign of high tension, and while stress can certainly be a big reason in this, there are often underlying relationship issues causing your conflicts. When you can’t work them out  or simply don’t care to sort it out then say goodbye to each other.


Sad_man : young couple in stress relationship

Relationships are made to be full of life,happiness, enjoyed and cherished,it’s not supposed to be mourned,filled with sadness nor  tears.When everything about each other irritates, then there should be a call to also say goodbye


Once a cheater,always a cheater.If he/she hops out of your bed,trust me they will keep hopping from bed to bed and if you keep accepting that kind of behavior,don’t be surprised when he continues being the man/woman that he/she was the last time you caught cheating.

Love can be wonderful. But love can also be a great source of pain like fire. Used properly and for good, it adds immense joy to your life. If abused and not contained, it can destroy everything.No matter how long you try to build a failing relationship it can never stand so firm to the ground.

(written by kamify)

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