The people,city,life,beauty of COLOMBIA! (Part 1)

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January 15, 2013 by kamify

I was excited when I got the contract to work in South America at least to have a change of country,the excitement of having my first visa on my passport could reach no boundaries.I quickly called my friends to break the good News to them but to my surprise,none of them were happy for me  not because they didn’t want  me to travel out from my country but because they feared I wouldn’t return home ALIVE!. The fear of dying in an unknown country gripped my shoulders that I didn’t want to go anymore but I already gave the company my words so there  was no going back.

I finally bought my ticket and was left with just $100  to live on while I’m there until I get my first salary,at first I didn’t know how to cope over there but I prayed and asked God for a miracle to happen.Did I say MIRACLE?……Yes,my first  miracle happened I met the most wonderful man on earth boarding same flight with me.The flight got to Spain where I had to make my next connecting flight to Bogotá,I was hungry and I had only $100 with me and that was the drawn line between me and poverty,I was still thinking of what to do when this same gentleman I saw in the flight came to me and asked me to come sit with him and talk,at first I wanted to ignore him but I heard my inner thoughts saying”he might just be the miracle”I quickly grabbed the opportunity and behold he bought me lunch.We talked for hours until his connecting flight time,we bid goodbye to each other,he gave me his number to call him but I didn’t have a number to give him so I gave him a friend’s number in Bogotá.

My first week in Colombia

I finally got to Bogotá safely,I had to wait for the people in charge of my stay there to pick me up at the airport.I waited for 30 minutes,still no sign of them,fear began to grip me,remembering what my friends said back in Africa.I quickly changed the dollars I had to Colombia’s currency (pesos),I  made a public phone call from the phone hawkers around the airport,I called them and they told me they will be there in 10 minutes.I paid for my phone call but guess what happened,the man knew I was just new to the country so he collected more than he should from me….I made 1 min call but he collected money for an hour call.I guess that was WELCOME TO COLOMBIA!

They finally arrived and we got into a taxi to a nearby hostel where I will be staying,there I met another African from Togo Ashraf by name,he lived in the same hostel, I was a bit relief that I was not the only African,we didn’t have time to talk because I was so tired and cold I had to go and sleep because I had a longer day ahead.The next day one of the group had to pick me up to be registered into the country,at first I was tired and hungry and I didn’t know much about their kind of food.He introduced himself as Daniel,he was such a cute young man,he was in charge of me in Colombia.When we finished we went down to Daniel’s house to have lunch,to be honest the food sucks,but I was hungry,I could eat a frog at that point.I ate everything in the plate,including the soup at least it served it’s purpose!

A week after I got into the country,I was thrown a welcome party that day marked the first day of my journey in Colombia where I met the good,bad and the ugly……….(Story continues)

At the welcome party with the most wonderful friends in the World!


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