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January 20, 2013 by kamify

I received two mails from my friends asking me to write step by steps ways to prepare African dishes,so this week I will be writing more  about African dishes and how to prepare them.Today I will be showing you on how I made my jollof rice.Hope you enjoy it


2 cups of rice (long grained or medium variety)

1/4 cup groundnut oil or 1/4 cup olive oil

1 teaspoon dried thyme

1/4 teaspoon curry powder (optional) you can buy them in any super market under spice section

2 onion, sliced,you can also use white onion but I love using this

1 bell pepper, diced (remove the seeds & white stuff)

4 tablespoons tomato paste or more depending on much quantity you are cooking,you can use more

3 large tomatoes

1 garlic

1 chicken bouillon cube,you can use any type you want

3 cups water

You can use frozen mixed veggies or buy them natural and cut,today i’m using frozen but it’s better natural.




Put the rice on fire and add 1/4 cup of water,cook half done dry


Put 1 whole sliced onion,3 sliced tomatoes,1 sliced bell pepper,1 chopped garlic into a blending machine,blend until its fine texture(no seed found)


Add oil  in a heat resistance pot, allow the oil to heat well then add 4 tablespoon of  red tomato paste with half sliced onion,curry,1 cube of chicken bouillon and stir then add the grounded mixture and keep stirring  until dried will see the oil getting red.If your stew get burnt you will have to change the pot so it doesn’t spoil the taste.


 Then add frozen veggies. Add the half boiled rice next. Saute for another 2 minutes or so.

Add 2 cups of water, 1 bouillon cube, required salt,close the lid and cook until 90% cooked, for about 20 to 30 minutes.

Allow the rice to continue cooking until the rice is soft. If it is not dry at this point, then switch the heat to low to allow it to dry the excess water without making the rice much softer.

If the rice is still little hard, add 1/4 cup water and cover with foil, which will allow it to steam through. Check back at 5 min and It should be ready. You want your rice not too soft.

you can serve with fried chicken,meat or fish.This is how your jollof rice will look like after it’s done.I hope you enjoy it.


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