Why babies don’t talk


January 21, 2013 by kamify

Have you ever wondered why babies don’t talk when they are born?and all of a gradual process they start talking and learning  when  listening  to others? I remembered asking my mother same question when I was 10 years of age and she responded to me by telling me a story which I want to share

Long time ago,when God made all babies talk as soon as they were born,there lived a couple who had this beautiful innocent baby girl named Ruri,she looked so adorable but she was too materialistic,and she loves attention and because she was never satisfied she started to steal from other people.

Nobody suspected she would be the one until one day another baby found where the stolen things were kept so they called everyone  in the small village together to know who stole the items.Instead of Ruri to speak the truth,she simply lied on her father who was executed by hanging. God was not happy with Ruri so he stroke his rod on the ground and commanded every baby to go dumb because of the sin of Ruri. From that day hence fort every baby born NEVER TALKS!

Could this be true? but IT’S NOT TRUE!


2 thoughts on “Why babies don’t talk

  1. What an interesting story – what culture is this from?

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