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January 23, 2013 by kamify

For the past 21 days I have immensely been on a very intensive home work outs,I post every workout I do to my friends on my Facebook and twitter  account and I am so happy I took that new year resolution to shed some weight off.I’m not working out to be that size zero or four,but to look sexy on my cloths and for my health.I love wearing sexy cloths even though I am a mother and a wife,who says you can’t look sexy on cloths even being a mother or a wife?

I have always wanted to wear a 2 piece bikini at the beach and I really want to carry out that dream by summer.Since I started my home work outs I have lost 2kg which is there about 175 pounds (I’m not good in converting to pounds)  it’s not that  much but I am happy I’m seeing results.

This week I choose to work only on my belle because that place is my main goal,this morning,just as I was raising my legs up and down,the pains I felt on my abs was so much but I kept thinking of fulfilling the dreams of my 2 piece bikini so I had to continue,it kept me going because I realized that when there is NO PAINS,then there will be NO GAIN!.


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