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January 25, 2013 by kamify

Hello friends,today I’m throwing this question to you all because I love eating bread a lot but since I started my work outs I’m trying to limit most things I eat that makes me add weight,but some people say brown bread is less fatten,some say white bread isn’t fatten but I don’t really know which one to take because the difference between the white and brown is just adding the brownie to it…LOL (I guess).

I will be showing you pictures of bread I love eating,I know they are not so good if I really want to shed some weight,but what I usually do is take 2 or 3 slice of bread,then more minutes added in my work out.



I also eat wheat bread but it’s so tasteless and I need taste in whatever I’m eating.

I love Tiger sliced bread because it’s so soft,and the Milk bread….breadth taking,sometimes I bake at home.Please friends,I need your candid opinion about this topic because I’m going nuts about this…..Thank you!


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