January 27, 2013 by kamify

The winter period always have its strikes on me,maybe I am not the only one having this winter effect that why I am sharing this whole story for others to read.I found out that when it’s so cold,my body begin to react to the weather condition,my body has been on this reaction since 5 years now,at first I thought it was skin reaction because  I had rashes all over my body,but later I found out that it’s only when the temperature is going to a minus degree that my body begins to reacts.

This year,because of the increase of snow fall unlike in the past 2 years here,the effect of the Itching double.I hardly sleep at night without waking up because of the itching,I had to visit a dermatologist who advised me to try avoid bathing with shower gel.At first I found it weird to bath without shower gel,so I had to cry out to my friends on Facebook….

Crying out to my friends helped a lot because they made me realized that it was because of my dry skin that causes the itching,some of them gave me some remedies that really helped me. As long as my skin never get too dry my itching will cease.

I’m saying a big thank you to all my friends on Facebook that gave me a better solution to this winter itching,I was under the snow yesterday but didn’t have any reaction on my skin,now I can sleep good without having to wake up at night to itch my body.


2 thoughts on “WINTER EFFECTS

  1. deepsspace says:

    You should try using Dove soap. It’s not harsh on your skin like others

    Also, I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award! Please go to 126/ to accept it

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