January 28, 2013 by kamify

This topic intrigues me so much that I can’t omit not discussing about this on my blog.The joy of most women before or after marriage is becoming a mother.I remembered losing my first baby 3 days after birth,it was really traumatic,having gone past all the experiences of pregnancy and losing the child was another phase of pain in my life.

I remember the stress of morning sickness,breathing problems,swollen feet,nausea……but in all when I think of the little joy inside of me,I can’t help but keep enduring those pains just to make sure my little angel was doing fine.

The second time I had my baby and held her in my arms the sweet scent of motherhood could hold no limit,I couldn’t stop staring at her because I knew how well what I had pass through.Twice I gave birth through Cesarean but the pains are long gone.

Every woman,black,white,Asian feels the breeze of live in them when their baby is born and the sense of responsibility comes inside of you immediately you see the face of your born child,the smile,the breadth of “At last,here you are”.

The sweet scent of motherhood has no boundaries,to all mothers all over the world,I say “You are the best” and to my mother I say “If I have to come to life a second time,I will always choose you to be my mother again and again”.


  1. Cool….I love the scents of being a mum….!

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