January 30, 2013 by kamify

Back in the early 90s,when I see a white woman with long hair I always thought it was their real hair,my thinking were proved wrong,I came to realize that majority of women especially the celeb (white and Africans) can not do without having either a wig or extension on their head.

Most time,these celeb appear in public with bad-looking extension that was either not well covered or badly fixed.Here are some pictures of them

I have worked in a hair extension shop were I realized that 80% of people who patronize extension shops are the white (men and women).I once asked a male customer why he buy extensions,he told me that most of these male celeb uses hair extension for photo shoots.

Almost every celeb you see practically uses hair extension ranging from Americans,African-Americans,Africans,Asians,Indian…….Extension are highly invoked in the market world and its price range is from $10 to $1,000.Extension are for sure good business,and it has its own advantages and disadvantages,but too much of everything is too bad,we sometimes need to give our hair some breathing space!.

These extension are attached in these ways:

1. Micro bonding

2. Clipping

3. weaving

I love fixing my extensions myself,it takes hours to finish up but it’s worth the wait.The good thing about hair extension is that it gives you different types of look and the bad thing is it can break or damage your hair and scalp if not well taken care of or used constantly.


  1. Carie says:

    Celebrities use hair extensions, mostly for changing their hair style and look based on their crowning glory. They spend much on this taking extra effort to go to salon or to place it on their hair but do not have time to take care of it. I agree with you that hair extensions should properly maintain and place in the right way to avoid hair damage.

    – Carie
    Hair Salon Miami

    • kamify says:

      Yes Carie,these celebrities only knows how to spend much money on hair extensions but to maintain them is always a problem.I hope they stop disgracing themselves.

  2. mo01rem says:

    What do you need to do first. Well the very first thing to do is find a salon and a stylist that you would trust your life to (well if you hair is ruined so is your life!) You need to find someone who understands what you are trying to achieve and how that will fit in with your lifestyle.
    Have a nice day.
    Synthetic Hair

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