February 1, 2013 by kamify

How I love this month called FEBRUARY!,the Month with the shortest days,the Month when people go crazy about love on VALENTINE’S DAY…

The Month where workers don’t have to wait for 30 or 31 days before getting paid…The Month when men break up with their girlfriends or rather choose among them,who to spend the Valentine’s day with……

The month when flower,cakes and chocolate shops sell the highest amount of their products.

The Month when people expect gifts from their love ones.

The month when many hearts are mended or broken….I can keep going on an on about the month of FEBRUARY…..

Oh how I wish my mum and dad had calculated so well to have me in the month of February so I can have double treat,you know what I mean?.February is a Fabulous Month!

But however you choose to spend this month,always remember to KEEP THE LOVE BURNING.


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