February 1, 2013 by kamify

We are in the Month of February,and it’s a Month to preach about true love and relationships although everyday of our lives should be based on true love but this month is special for me.

Back in the days of our great parents,relationships and love were based unconditionally,people love for the right reasons,relationships were valued and respected,Love was accepted as true and endless.

Since the advancement in technologies……I think it also affected the mind,feelings and love towards one another.Relationships are now based on conditions,Marriages are not anymore for better for worst,it’s now for better for best,

I usually admire couples who have stick with each other through rain and shine and I ask myself,what really have made these people’s love stronger even in the mist of temptations and trials. Sometimes money is not everything,it’s only an add up in a relationship.

Most people who usually base their love on Money,Beauty,Connections,usually have the wrong meaning of true love because when those components are gone,the love begins to irritate.

I really admire this couple below because they really show that money was never everything,they are example of what I call true love,they may not be perfect but they are worthy of emulation in love.

I also admire one of my blogger gallivance(James and Terri)whose relationship was based on true love: We’re high school sweethearts who went on to international careers and became world nomads. Today, 57 countries later, we’re still traveling … and still in love.Their story reminds me of Titanic Movie where Rose never gave up on jack.To many other couples whose relationships are based on true love,I celebrate this Month with you all.

It’s the Month of true love,so lets spread love around in a positive way and stick around with each other no matter the circumstance because true love never fades!


  1. This was great! I’m just starting to blog about relationships also and I’d appreciate some feeback! (:

    • kamify says:

      Relationship is a good topic to blog about,the need to make people understand it’s full meaning and what it entails.Who knows maybe your blog and write up could help our young generations.

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  3. […] True Love and Relationships ( […]

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