February 7, 2013 by kamify

I do wonder why most women love to use heavy make-ups,sometimes it looks nice and sometimes it doesn’t just fit.I feel women who use heavy make-ups are those that have less confidence in their natural beauty.Making the colors light and simple could give a better look instead of applying them heavy( I call them the geisha face).

The eyes are the most effective part of your face that makes your beauty visible,if you apply them properly using the right color and good quality product,then you don’t need to do the talking with your mouth because your eyes says it all.

For me the best products that matters in terms of make up are:My eye foundation,eye liner and eye shadow.

make up

6 thoughts on “TALKING EYES

  1. Wow! that eye make up looking absolutely stunning! great post 🙂

  2. willy armani says:

    D really luk owk enen am confused on which 2 chose…!!

    • kamify says:

      you don’t need to be,it’s just a guide line on showing you how visible your eyes could look when using the right products without making them heavy

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