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February 11, 2013 by kamify

I’m not a relationship expert but when it comes to matters of the heart,I am gifted to know when one is heading down the rocks.In the past I’ve helped most of my friends whose relationships were on the vent of collapsing and today most of them are thankful.

There are insane things that people always believe in their partners during a relationship and these are practically insane to believe in.I will focus my talk today on women because the women are the “weaker sex”.

These points below are mistakes people always make thinking that there will be a change once they both live together or are married with kids.if you find these behavior in your male partner consistently,then my dear believe me it will always stay there as long as your relationship will last.

1. He always praises other women’s beauty,looks,shapes or efforts,and he never sees anything good in what you do,how you look and dress.

2. He forgets your birthday but he remembers all his friends and families birth dates.

3. You keep catching him making face at other women but he finds it fun and interesting.

4.He never thinks responsibly about your future together.

5.He likes to be alone all the time,never finding a special day to sweep you off your feet or surprised you in a good way.

6. He likes to send text messages all the time in place of calling you on phone.

7.He always finds an excuse to defend himself than saying “I’m sorry” when he is wrong.

8. He goes out on different get together without even inviting you for once to meet his friends.

9.He play so nice and sweet to you only when he is in need of sex.

10.He places his friends and families higher over you.

If you keep seeing these qualities in your man and eventually get married,believe me it’s either you might be divorced in no time or you will live the rest of your life miserable.He didn’t marry you because you were the best among other women that he had dated but because you are the dumbest among his other women.It will get worst when children gets in the way.

Make hay when the sun shines.

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