February 18, 2013 by kamify

Today I was feeling so sad,going through my old pictures,it was just like yesterday,it has been 12 years but the memories are still fresh,I keep asking myself why did I choose that hospital to give birth,she could have been alive if I didn’t go there but on a second thought I felt it wasn’t my fault I didn’t know it was going to happen,I didn’t know they will be the cause of her death.

You may be wondering what is she talking about!

I was pregnant with my first baby,I went to every pre-antennal check up test and everything was confirmed alright,my baby was doing fine but in the third trimester I started having complications I was rushed back to the hospital and there the doctor said I was in labor but the problem was that my baby had changed position(breech)

To save my life and baby they opted for Cesarean operation and I was also bleeding from my vagina. Infact I thought I would not survive it,but thank God I did,the operation was successful and so was my baby,healthy,beautiful,full of life.

I had to stay 7 days in the hospital to be taken care of but the funny thing was that through out my 7 days I never saw my baby,they told me she was in an incubator because she had little breathing problem,I foolishly accepted.

On the 7th day I was waiting to have my baby in my arms only for the doctor and nurse to walk inside my room to say “we are so sorry but your baby couldn’t make it”

I felt the whole world was torn apart,I felt I was dreaming but it wasn’t a dream.I cried and cried for 2 days non stop but what will I do?,I had to carry on

After 8 years,my mother opened up to tell me the truth why my angel died.You will be shocked to hear this:

My mother told me that she died because she bled to death,the nurse in-charge of her didn’t tie her umbilical cord well,so she bled for 5 hours,before she was put in an incubator,she died……..How pathetic!

She would have been 12 years by now but I choose to remember her today because it’s exactly 12 years I had a baby that I never had.RIP my angel.


  1. mike says:

    na God go judge that nurse

  2. Meg says:

    Baby girl so sorry u still feel this way. Shes lying in d bossom of d Lord and praying to God for u. Remain blessed.

  3. I am so very sorry to hear this happened to you 😦 I can’t believe they could be so negligent. But one thing they will never be able to take from you is how much you love her

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