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February 26, 2013 by kamify

Although winter is not really a period of exhibiting much about my fashion styles because no matter what you wear,you can not expose them when outside,you have to cover up yourself with a thick jacket so what is the sense of wearing all your fashionable clothes when no one can see them.

No matter how well your skin is covered your shoes and bags can say on how well your fashion style say about you,that is why I told my girlfriend that I can spend money in buying my shoes and bags but care less about spending more money on clothes.I can buy a shoe or bag worth from €200 or more but can´t go higher than that in clothes.

My love for shoes and bags made me indulge into the business of selling shoes and bag and recently these were the latest bags and shoes we have up for sale.They cost less because we buy on cheap rates and from good designers dealers.Fashion indeed is a world around me because it indeed moves around,everyone loves to look right before hitting the road!



Just to paste a few,if you really want to know how crazy I am about my shoes and bags sales,Visit our Facebook page,fashion xpress blog. Don´t forget to like our page before leaving.

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