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March 4, 2013 by kamify

I know I have not been writing constantly in the past 2 weeks,but it hasn’t been easy keeping up on 3 things I love doing best (fashion ,blogging and baby sitting the big baby).I remember my last write-up was on “my fashion world”,I have tried to set up my fashion business,it hasn’t been easy but I am scaling through and for those of you who took time to visit my blog while I was away I say big thank you,also to those who visited our Facebook blog I say a bigger thank you!and for those who are yet to visit I still say thank you in advance.

Here is the link,you can click on it.

I have manage to set up more things and now we are on promotion which will only last for few weeks.My clients are yet to see the best of our products.Like I earlier said,it has not been easy to start-up things like this but it is only a matter of time everything will be at place.

Here are some pictures of products added to my fashion world sales.

The cost of my product is from €100 up because I love dealing on good designers and they cost a lot.We also send to people in different countries even as far as South America,we convert to the country’s currency so don’t be confused to see different currency transactions on our Facebook blog.
Let me know what you think about my fashion world.

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