March 6, 2013 by kamify

It was indeed a shock to me when I heard the death of Venezuelan president Mr Hugo Chavez,not that he was inevitable to death but the fact of his short lived life at the age of 58.I couldn’t help it reading most comments made by friends and people about his sudden death some made good comments while some made bad comments about his life time,to many he was a controversial president who didn’t give rise to the development of his country and to few and his family,he was the best president Venezuelans will ever have but above all I really admire his guts during his regime as a president,his fearless and brave speeches ,although he fought hard to be alive and continue his regime but death as they say is inevitable I say FAREWELL TO PRESIDENT HUGO CHAVEZ!

2 thoughts on “FAREWELL!

  1. camgal says:

    Good post though you could still revise it and rectify certain areas when you have the time 🙂

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