August 30, 2013 by kamify

It sounds crazy hearing one to talk about life after death when he/she is still alive,but the truth of everything is everyone will have to die someday but the question is have you ever imagine what life would be after death?,or is there actually life after death?it’s hard to answer because until you are dead,you can never tell what goes beyond it.(smiling)but someone who is dead cannot tell what they are experiencing down there so how do we know what actually is going on?….huh!,too many questions that even the spirits cannot tell us.

Many times I go into  deep thought and wondered if everyone in this life never dies,will the world be enough for everyone?,will there be spaces for everyone to live in and the new ones been born inside?.It’s interesting when I hear people say someone died and rised up after 3 days,how possible could that be?well after all Jesus raised Lazarus from the grave but why didn’t Lazarus say how life was after death in the bible?.There was this story I read online about a man who died in a car accident in Africa and he woke up after 3 days in the mortuary,he said he saw heaven and hell and he described heaven as a place filled with snow.and another story about a woman who was dead that raised up and describing what she saw and even mentioning great people she saw in hell.I asked myself after reading all this,could this be true?or is it just a mare story to frighten people?well they might be right because there are times when you see the way most people live their life,you begin to wonder if they ever think about what happens if they die in what they are doing.

Even the bible say” And just as it is appointed for man to die once, and after that comes judgment”,(Hebrews 9:27),the bible gave some clues concerning life after death in Ecclesiates 9:5 which says For the living know that they will die, but the dead know nothing, and they have no more reward, for the memory of them is forgotten. Then could it be that the stories of people who claim to have ressurated be all lies?I can’t be too fast to conclude,but all I know is that life after death can’t be as entertaining as now that you are alive. Yea! if you are a super star,remember after death no more paparazzi following you around,no more private jets taking you around for your tours,no more  make up artist,no more one happy family together,no more many things!it’s all gone and can never come back.

So,the only key to our living now is to live a good life that will be remembered even in years to come,Love and help people arround you,be a good influence to your environment,don’t try ending your life yourself because you never gave yourself that life and you have no right to take it.Remember life after death might not be a sweet experience if you decide to end it.If you are feeling depress or tired of things moving arround you,just talk to someone because this life we live is just once and when gone you will NEVER live to tell the story.Does anyone have these same thoughts like i do?

One thought on “LIFE AFTER DEATH

  1. Very thoughtful post…. Thanks for posting.

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