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August 30, 2013 by kamify

Everyone loves to look nice and beautiful in their clothes but not everyone loves to sacrifice some things to get them.I will make this simple and clear because many people have talked,wrote,blogged about weight loss all the time but there is a simple cause to weight loss which people ignore so much, with my personal experience I was able to note it down.I will share it on my blog for people who want to know. I have really battled with my weight for a very long time with no result but after a visit to my doctor we found out one incredible cause that I knew but never felt it was a key reason to my constant weight gain.

Do you exercise and still lose little or no calories?Do you starve or place yourself on strict diet and still you had little or no result?well if your answer is yes,then keep reading but if no and you still want to know you can keep reading.Below is a picture of how I looked before I started my weight lose program

I could barely fit in any cloth or do anything without getting tired quickly so I decided to cut out most things I eat.this picture was taken on 25th Dec.2012.You can imagine what I weighed then(make your guess).

From Dec to May 2013, I was in real exercise and diet program but I hardly lost any weight so I decided to visit a doctor.In June my blood was tested and not that I was having high content of sugar in my blood but my doctor thought it will be wise to get treated for blood sugar to see if that might help out.

I started my medication from May – June,with some food diet and little exercise and below was the result

I didn’t still give up,exercising is one hard thing I hate to do,so I had to be food friendly,I make good food choice avoiding sugary things because that was the key reason to my weight gain….SUGAR!!!.

Most people knows that sugar is dangerous but it’s so tempting to let go. You can as well google the internet and check what are the benefits of sugar(if there are any).Sugar causes more harm than good to us,the only good thing it gives is the taste to the tougue.I am so proud of myself now because I have not only Lost weight but got my freedom from junk and sugary food.I try making some food experiments to make me get use to eating healthy things,I drink water instead of taking soda,I use 1 tablet of sweetener in my tea or coffee,I make my juice fresh from fruits and that way I can stay trim and beautiful without gaining my weights again and again.Below is how I look now in August

I can proudly say I moved from size 18 to size 12 now!Try getting a medical check up before losing weight because it might just be that you need a simple solution to all those hard works in the gym.What do you think?

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